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What are the advantages living in a Touchwood Homes air-tight construction

What structural solutions make Touchwood Homes so efficient?

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Why is the structural design so important?

How do we know how the timber frame will look?

I like the look of oak houses, can you incorporate oak into the structure to create that look?

I would like my house to have a brick skin, is that ok?

The house is built air-tight, does that mean I can’t open the windows?

Do Ecohomes overheat?

Do you include MVHR design, supply and install within the frame?

Questions about the nature of timber framework

What are the environmental benefits in using timber frame?

What are the advantages of using timber frame for my new home?

What design restrictions are there with timber?

Is timber strong enough to build a house from, and will it last long as conventional builds?

Will the house be fire resistant?

Questions for the self builder / developer

What would be the running costs of a new home built to the passivhaus standard?

I'm embarking on my first self-build and will manage it myself, any advice?

I am struggling to decide between demolishing an existing building or renovating what I have, can you help?

Why do you use timber webbed Joists rather than metal ones?

How much money will I get for the PV FiT and RHI scheme?

I’ve had various cellulose fibre insulation quotes, should I go for the cheapest?

Where do the MVHR ducts go in the frame?

How does your wall build-up provide a VCL (vapour control layer)?

Your air-tight layer is on the outside of the frame, why is that?