Our Two Acres passivhaus project in Essex is now finished, our team completing the frame erection of this 280m2 home in only 4 weeks.

Before leaving site we had a diagnostic airtest done to ensure our unique external airtight board approach achieved passivhaus levels of airtightness – the test result of 0.15 is one of the best we’ve achieved clearly showing the robustness of our airtight solution. Such a low result helps with passivhaus certification since energy use will be reduced even further (vs the 0.6 limit) with such a good result:


Two Acres is a modern passivhausdesign featuring an unusual double ridge roof, with the rafters gradually diminishing in length along the roof to deal with the different sized gables each end.Our machine-cut manufacturing process is essential for the precision required to create this unusual roof shape.

The below images show the final stages of the frame erection, with the diminishing sized rafters installed;

twoacres evestwoacres eves 2


Once the frame is completed, we then install our unique external airtight board over the entire external surface of the building to create a very robust airtight layer, on the outside so that no follow on first fix trades can damage it!:


We will now be on site to install the MVHR ducts – our pre-cut frame duct holes mean we can use rigid steel ductwork all hidden in the floor cassette for near silent performance and a simple installation process.

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