We’re currently on site erecting our Ammonite project, one of the largest buildings we have been involved with, as well as being one of the most unusual structural designs that we've been asked to create. The rising curved shape of the building is inspired by the Ammonite shell, an extinct mollusc whose fossil remains were first found in the area in the 19th century, and which is resembles when viewed from above.

The structure uses some of the largest glulams we’ve ever used at up to 12.5m long and 860mm deep, to create a vast internal space. The roof of the main element is formed by many glulams too, with each at a different pitch to create the ammonite shape, infilled with smaller timbers to ensure strength and structural integrity. The engineering for this project proved challenging as the form required many bespoke glulam beams and steel elements to create its impressive shape.

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We’re honoured our clients chose Touchwood to design and build this cutting-edge dream home for them to enjoy, and we look forward to more challenging building forms which our bespoke I beam system works so well for.

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